Appt #1 — OB

(4 weeks)

Clammy hands, sweaty pits, chest pounding….yeah I was nervous.  It didn’t matter that I’d been preggo before. I knew the routine, there should be no surprises. It didn’t matter that I was familiar with the Dr and the office, I was bloody gosh-darn anxious. I had visions of their pee test coming back negative and then me feeling like a fool for using an expired test at home. I felt silly coming to see the doc so early, I didn’t feel preggo, or look preggo. Heck, I hadn’t even missed my period yet. They’re all gonna laugh at me. I checked my sugar multiple times before getting called back, wanting to make sure my anxiety wasn’t actually low blood sugar….but I was stable as can be. Of course I do the happy dance when I get called back, thinking my anxiety will subside and soon it will all be over. But of course not, I had to wait….ages. Stuck studying the popcorn ceiling, the God-awful framed “art work” that Dr’s offices are known for, and the lovely pamphlets about all things “lady parts.” Its a real party.

In walks lovely MA, she takes my BP which is of course high. Then takes me pee. And asks a bunch of questions.

“The lines are faint but positive for pregnancy!”


In walks Dr F. Dressed for success in a charcoal and black suit, looking thinner than last I saw him. We exchange pleasantries and get down to business. He’s actually overjoyed that I’ve made an appointment so early in the pregnancy. We work out “the plan.” First question: how are your sugars? I’m honest. I don’t have my log with me but I tell him I’m working on getting my AM fasting down below 120 and that my one hour post-meal sugs haven’t been higher than 160. He says fasting should be below 100 ideally and one hour post-meal 140. I know this, but its insanely hard to have a BS at 140 or below only one hour after eating and not crash at the 2 hour mark. Its crazy. BUT that’s what the OBs expect. I tell him I’m working on it. He asks about my last A1c: 7.0%.  Not what I want it to be, but that was in November, hoping its lower now. We have a very candid and fair discussion about goals and expectations, we work together, he validates my concerns, he educates, he listens.  It’s fantastic. He tells me I did so well with my last pregnancy that he sees no reason why it can’t be done again, that I’m very compliant and I know what I’m doing.

I love this Dr.

Basic plan: I’ll be co-managed by him and a midwife he works with, my endo will manage my pump settings and my thyroid levels, endo or OB will be looking at my sugar logs every 3-4 weeks and then every week toward the very end of preggo.  I’ll have a fetal echo around the halfway point and after 34 weeks I’ll be in the office 1-2x week for NSTs, BPPs and sugar log parties.

Gotta get routine prenatal labs next week along with thyroid panel and A1c and see endo after that then OB in 3 weeks. Bring it on baby!