Appt #2 — Endo

I’ve had this discomfort on the left side of my throat for the last week or 2. Super annoying, sometimes it makes it hard to sleep. I feel a sort of lump, especially when I turn my head a certain way. I of course freaked out a little and immediately started googling thyroid cancer. And then got smart and called my endo.

He got me in right away for a thyroid ultrasound and labwork. Ultrasound showed a small nodule on the left side of my thyroid, but nothing to worry about as less than 1% of nodules are cancerous. He will continue to monitor my labs (I already have hypothyroidism) and do ultrasounds from time to time.

He checked my sugar logs and was not happy about my lows. He’s a stickler about lows. And I get it, he’s all about safety. He’s all about telling me the same story over and over about a woman who had a hypo, lost control of her car and killed a bunch of people. It’s scary, I get it. I don’t like lows either. But when you’re expected to be <140 one hour after eating, you’re gonna have some dang lows. We adjusted my basal rates and off I went.