Appt #3 – OB

(7 weeks)


Got my labs back. I’m not very pleased.

A1c: 7.2

Freakin’ 7.2.

True it is an average over the last 3 months, which would include food-heavy holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. But still. I was hoping for <7. Endo wasn’t bothered by it, but I was nervous to hear what my OB had to say. I went in with my 4 pages of blood sugar logs and held my breath.

He said 7.2 “isn’t terrible” but could be better. I agreed of course. He was pleased with my sugar logs and encouraged me to keep at it and I’ll see him again in 2 weeks to review sugars again. He wrote a script for Protonix for my stomach. Please God let it work!! Best part of the visit was getting to see baby’s heartbeat 🙂

It’s slowly becoming more real!