The Results Are In….

So for the past week I’ve been getting these cramps. Smack dab in the middle of the night, cramps that wake you up, wring out your insides, twist you up and then disappear as suddenly as they came. Takes a while to get back to sleep but you sleep and wake and go about your day until it all happens again the next night. Tylenol helps but doesn’t take it away, doesn’t keep you from waking from the discomfort. Anyway, these cramps are nothing like what I had when I was preggo with M, but the oak tree still thinks it means I’m preggo. I think he’s crazy but its been eating at my brain. If I am, I want to know ASAP. I want to know if diabetic beast mode (DBM) needs to be activated or not.

So I woke this AM, and thought, “why not.” I pulled the expired home preggo test out of its pretty pink package and went at it. I was nervous. Part of me wanted to be preggo….the other part wasn’t ready. It didn’t take long for the two pink lines to appear, one slightly lighter than the other, staring at me, and definitely positive. I smiled. And¬†trembled a bit. It was actually nice to find out in the more traditional way as opposed to the way we found out with M. I casually walked towards hub’s office, I wasn’t sure how to say it.

“I feel like I’m in a TV show or something. I just took a pregnancy test.”

“You did?!? Really? And?”

“It’s positive!”

He smiled and asked a barrage of questions: Did I know what day “it” happened on? When are we due? How far along am I? (Which are really all the same question). And of course, “I knew it, I told you!”

I started my usual routine of getting M’s breakfast ready, checking my sugar and taking my synthroid. But this time I dug out my paper blood sugar logs and started writing. Nervously I called my OB to make an appointment, I go in 2 days. I smiled my way through the day, praying the expired test was accurate and thanking God for the microscopic life inside of me.