Appt #5 — OB

(13 weeks)

I went in today totally expecting him to say “OMG, your sugars look great, keep it up, you’re amazing, you’re like my most favorite patient ever, lets totally be BFF!”

Instead I heard, “Well…..your sugars aren’t horrible.”

Huh?? Since I went back into beast mode, I felt like I was on top again. My average went from 150 back down to 127 in 4 days. FOUR DAYS PEOPLE! I was proud of myself. But doc was not happy with all of my lows.

“How are you bolusing xx units here and an hour later you’re 135 but then the next day you eat the same amount of carbs, take the same insulin, yet your sugar an hour later is 65? We need to tweek the way you count carbs or figure out a better system here.”

I wanted to say: It’s called Life with Diabetes. It’s not always predictable. No it doesn’t mean I’m brittle. No it doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m doing. EVERYTHING effects blood sugar. Maybe the first day I had some added stress, maybe the second day I had exercised, maybe my hormones were having some fun.

I wanted to say it’s just not realistic to think that someone with diabetes can suddenly and consistently, while pregnant, generate blood sugars that mimic those of a person without diabetes. Because that’s what they ask of us diabetic preggos. Blood sugars of a person with a fully functioning pancreas.

We hashed it out, I told him how hard it is to live up to those one hour post meal goals, there are going to be lows. He was sympathetic and said overall the sugars are decent, but again I need to work on the lows. I agreed and we continued with the appointment.

Bomb #2: My doc is leaving 🙁 He will be opening up a new practice on the opposite side of town and is transferring my care to another doc in the practice. So I’ll get 2 more appts with MY doc and then will meet the new one. Thankfully my awesome diabetic preggo sister is already seeing this new Dr and she says good things about him. So I’m bummed, but it’s ok.

I soothed myself with a tasty Chik-Fil-A deluxe sandwich!