Appt #11 – OB

(22 weeks)

I was able to see the nurse practitioner at my OB office today for my routine visit. She is a super sweet older gal that I saw a handful of times with my first preggo. She walked in, gave me a once-over, a kind smile and said “oh, I’ve seen you before, you have the pump!” We chatted for a while before I realized she was confusing me for my sister. She couldn’t believe I have a sister who is also pregnant AND has type 1 diabetes and being seen by the same doctor. We are special.

She very briefly looked over my sugar logs and said they looked “reasonable.”

I can deal with that.

She stared at my belly and said, “wow….you are really popping out, you look bigger than you should.”

Grrrrrrreat! Just what I want to hear.

She tells me to lay down so she can take some measurements. I lay back and *bloop*, my stomach kinda flattens out like a plump pancake.

“Ah that’s more like it, you look normal now.” She checked my fundal (uterine) height and measured my belly and said I’m within the range I should be.


Nothing against “big babies”, but its basically the stereotype that a diabetic mom = large baby (called macrosomia if baby is over 8lbs 13oz).  I don’t like stereotypes. I don’t like it when people hear how big my first baby was (8lbs 11oz) and then say “oh but you’re diabetic, you’re going to have big babies.”  Even a family member of mine commented, “of course she was big, she was stuck inside her diabetic mother!” I will say I have several friends who are NOT diabetic who have had significantly bigger babies than I have. I know I can only do so much, of course I’m going to take care of myself, and this baby is going to do what she wants. I just don’t want there to be anything that could potentially bring up the topic of induction. And I’m not sure my lady parts could handle a larger baby 😉