Sometimes People are Cool :-)

I have to say this pregnancy, people have been much kinder to me as compared to my first preggo experience.  I think God knows how fragile my mental state is at this time and He places lovely people in my path to let me know “all is well, my dear.”  Maybe I already have the haggard, zombie, tired look that all moms get at some point or another, and people know to take it easy with me. Maybe I already look like I know what I’m doing?  (Ha, that can’t be true)

But really, these past couple weeks have been very touching and have helped keep me on the positive side of things. Strangers are stopping me at the grocery store to tell me how great I look. Friends that I don’t see often or speak to that much are sending me messages of encouragement and love out of the blue. The kicker though is from a gal I work with. This gal is not a pleasant person. She complains, she moans, nothing is ever right or good or positive, she doesn’t really smile. I’ve never heard her laugh. I try to avoid any sort of confrontation with her. But the other day she saw me, got a massive grin on her face and said “my God you look amazing! You are the cutest pregnant person I’ve ever seen.”  I’m still thinking about that and it’s still making me smile.

I tend to be someone that focuses on the negative. I latch on to the stupid things people say and let it bother me. But, surprisingly, I feel like I’m getting past that. People still ask dumb questions and say ignorant things but I’m allowing the nice things, the positive words to outweigh the “negative.”


It feels nice 🙂