Appt #15 – OB….again

(26 weeks)

Again, another dang med student. Spent the first 15 minutes of the visit being interviewed by him. So many questions, including “So how’s your home life? Anything you need to share with me about that?” And, “I see your systolic blood pressure is 130, is that high for you? Do I make you nervous?”

Poor guy.

Then I get called into Dr G’s office. That’s when I got nervous, it was like being called into the Principal’s office. He said he figured we might as well be comfortable and hang in the office. Asked me about my sugar logs, said they looked good, said its obvious that I know what I’m doing (duh!). Asked all the usual questions about cramping/bleeding, and wants me to do a 24 hour urine collection as a baseline in case preeclampsia rears its ugly head.

Told him I started amping up my workouts, including some weight-lifting. He said that was fine as long as I wasn’t straining my abdomen and he prefers that I not go crazy on the squats until later in the pregnancy. I haven’t had the best appetite lately, and worry about getting enough protein for myself and baby. He said I was safe to use protein powder in my yogurt smoothies as long as it’s straight whey protein and no other additives. I found some great stuff at Sprouts. Not cheap but all organic, non-GMO, straight whey protein! And look at that, it’s the world’s best! ¬†Next OB adventure: 3 weeks!