Appt #20 – OB

(almost 31 weeks)

So after the last visit with my OB, I really wasn’t expecting too much. But was also very nervous, as always, and just prayed and prayed my blood pressure would cooperate and there would be no threats of sending me to the hospital…..again…..for nothing…..(I’m not bitter).

God answered my prayer and it just so happened my sister was in the office getting an NST (non-stress test) and I was able to go back and sit and chat with her before they called me back for my appointment. Being able to talk and laugh of course did wonders for my nerves and I’m sure my blood pressure.

When it was my turn, my BP was stellar, urine was stellar. Got, yet again, another med student who came in first and asked me all the usual questions. This one was cute though and actually had a personality. So I tolerated it. Then comes Dr G, he says I must be feeling better since I’m not in tears this time. Har har.

He glances at my sugar logs and says they look “fine.” He then asked if we were “good,” if everything was ok between us and if I had any concerns that were causing me undue anxiety and stress. I said yes I have concerns but every time they are brought up, I don’t get the type of dialogue and discussion I’m needing. He acts surprised and says, “ok let’s talk.”

I tell him I’m used to having an OB who discusses “the plan” at every single visit. An OB that spends time going over my birth plan and my wishes so that we both know we are on the same page and we are a team. He says he knows I want to keep my pump in labor and then says its up to the hospital. Apparently a doctor’s written order for me to keep my pump isn’t a “for sure” thing.  (????) I ask him about monitoring during labor, he says that is one thing he will certainly NOT budge on. He says I will be continuously monitored (meaning strapped to the contraction and heart rate monitors) during labor. He says I can labor in bed, around the bed and sit on a chair next to the bed. But no getting in the jacuzzi tub or pacing the halls, etc. He says if I’m wanting to talk about induction, he can’t sign off on anything. I say I understand, I don’t expect that. But it’s never too early to have a plan and I need to know what he is thinking. He tells me again that “complications happen with diabetes” and “the literature” indicates that diabetics be induced at 39 weeks.

I had done a little digging on the ACOG website and found this little beauty, so then I tell him sure induction can be indicated if there are vascular complications or if sugars are poorly controlled, and even then the plan should be individualized. He tells me its more complicated than that and I ask for details. He brings up the “big baby” card….again. Except this time he says if baby is 11 pounds then we’ll have to talk. I tell him he said 9 pounds at the last visit. I can tell he’s getting a little flustered. So he pulls out all the stops.

“If your cervix is favorable at 39 weeks, and you have a suspected big baby, you’re going to want to induce. If your baby is big and you go 40 weeks, I’m gonna get stuck down there trying to help that baby out. I don’t think you want a baby with nerve damage or a broken arm, or worse.”

That pretty much ended the conversation. I said I realize there are risks, I wouldn’t do anything to put me or baby in harms way, but I also want the option to go natural if there is no medical reason to suggest otherwise. And we kind of left it at that.

What I didn’t tell him is that I have a consult with another OB next week. I hate confrontation. I also don’t want to burn any bridges with him in case this other OB isn’t right. Next week can’t come soon enough!