Appt #21 – OB and NST

(almost 32 weeks)

Today I did my first NST of this pregnancy. If you don’t know what that is, they basically strap two monitors around your bare preggo belly. One picks up any contractions, the other monitors the baby’s heartbeat and movements. You’re generally monitored about 20 minutes or so. They can tell baby’s general wellbeing based on how their heart rate responds to any contractions or movement, etc. They look for any indication of fetal distress, placental failure, etc. It’s easy peasy and usually pretty relaxing. As I diabetic, I get NST’s twice a week after 32 or so weeks. Some Dr’s choose to do them sooner, some later.

NST turned out well, all looks good with baby. Dr calls me into his office where he briefly looks at my sugar logs, says they are looking “pretty good.” He asks when my next endo and ultrasound appts are. Then says “I know you want reassurance that we are on the same page, so this is me telling you we are still on the same page.” And then tells me I’m going to be begging him at 39 weeks for an induction. I told him not to count on it.

Wow, writing this out makes him sound like a total douche-bag. I promise he isn’t, BUT he’s also not all that encouraging and supportive, nor does he seem all that interested in me having as natural a birth as possible. I’m disappointed in myself for waiting this long to listen to my initial instincts and fears and red flags about him. I think he’s an alright doctor, but he’s not alright for me.

Tomorrow is my consultation with a different OB.