Appt #22 – Consultation/Meet and Greet with new OB

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this appointment for forever!!! I’m so excited to be meeting my potential new OB. He comes HIGHLY recommended by my doula. She said she would even recommend him over some midwives she knows. And a good friend of mine who isn’t a big fan of Dr’s or hospital births said after meeting him she would gladly allow him to help deliver her baby in a hospital.

Seriously powerful statements there.

I arrived ready with my list of questions and prayed hard that God would allow me to see if this was the right OB for me and baby.

The office was friendly, bright, clean but not too “sterile” looking. In walks Dr B. On the youngish side, average build, all dressed up in his scrubs. He shook my hand and had a seat and gave me a brief history of himself and his practice. I hadn’t told him anything about myself yet but he answered some of my concerns right off the bat. He said he firmly believes in women having choices and working together on a birth plan and that there are many different ways to deliver babies safely. He encourages women who want to go the natural route, he encourages the use of doulas and midwives, he even said he feels he often practices more like a midwife than a doctor.

I was already hooked.

So then I tell him about my “situation” (the diabetes, the pump, my back, my desire to go natural, etc). He was instantly supportive. He has worked with type 1 diabetics before and has one currently in his care. He thinks pumps are great, he would prefer I use my pump during labor as opposed to an insulin drip (unless I’m unable to keep it under control.) He says I would be intermittently monitored, allowing me to get in the laboring tubs at the hospital he delivers at (which just happens to be the closest hospital to my house). I asked about “suspected macrosomia” and if he would induce for that. He said ultrasounds are notorious for being wrong. He isn’t a fan of inducing strictly based on an ultrasound measurement because more often than not, they are wrong and then cause unnecessary interventions/complications. He said since my first baby was 8 lbs 11ozs, I could “easily” have a 9 or 10 pound baby. But he did keep repeating, “if you’re in euglycemia, you won’t have a problem.” Basically meaning, “keep those sugars managed!” He said I would get NSTs twice a week starting now and check my amniotic fluid levels once a week, giving him the info he needs to make sure baby and placenta are doing fine. Of course if there was a true medical reason (placental failure, etc) to induce, he will recommend whatever is safest for me and baby.

We shook hands, he escorted me to the receptionist where I signed records release forms and scheduled all my remaining 15 appointments with Dr B.

I left feeling very empowered and very good about my decision.

Thank you God!!