Appt #29 – OB (throwing away my to-do list)

Finally passed the 34 week mark!!  Had a busy weekend working on the baby room and hanging with the fam. It also came with a great deal of Braxton Hicks contractions, some of them quite intense.  I’ve had to take a lot more breaks lately, spend more time laying down, more time drinking water, more time asking the hubs for help, less time picking up my daughter.  It’s annoying.  I feel useless, lazy, frustrated, unproductive.  As if growing a human weren’t productive enough.

Anyway, went to see OB today for an NST (non stress test), AFI (fluid measurement) and routine check up with Dr B.

The AFI continued to show high levels of amniotic fluid, enough that the doc said I offically have polyhydramnios. The NST showed several contractions. I told the Dr about the increase in frequency and intensity of the contractions over the weekend. We agreed it best to check me out. Thankfully I wasn’t dilated any more than I was last week. However, due to the increase in contractions, the excess fluid and the baby measuring bigger, doc said I am at risk for preterm labor. Soooo, he said to take it easy. No exercise, no lifting, no sexy fun time, nothing that triggers a contraction.  Not on bedrest, just have to take it easy. We discussed all the fun complications/risks of excess fluid, and discussed game plans for each.  He said it’s all a “delicate balance” because if baby comes too early, she’s at risk for breathing issues, feeding/digestive issues, jaundice, etc. But if she were to go past 39-40 weeks, she may be pretty massive and/or the fluid may continue to build up.

The goal is to get me to 37 weeks and then he said I can do whatever I want. And of course I need to keep my sugars in as tight control as possible. After seeing him last week, I cut out some more carbs, became more diligent about counting my carbs and have increased the number of times I check my sugar. I was checking about 10x a day. I’m now checking about 12-14x a day. Because of those changes I’ve managed to get my average weekly blood sugar down from 130 to 114! If you’re a diabetic, you know how hard that is!

Overall I think I’m mentally doing ok. It helps that my doctor is super positive and encouraging, he discusses things with me, asks my opinion on things….he doesn’t dictate or tell me what the plan is.  He doesn’t jump to the most severe interventions, he’s conservative. And that’s so huge for me. I tend to think of the worst case scenario with everything, all the “what ifs”, all the negatives, all the scary things. So I’m working extra hard to think about the positives and pray for peace. I’ve been day dreaming about sleeping on my back once again, eating deli meat sandwiches and runny egg yolks, walking without a waddle, not having to pee every 5 seconds, not having to be SO strict about my diet and my blood sugars. Pizza and french toast and pancakes and cake and donuts and gingerbread lattes and chocolate marshmallow shakes!  AHHH!  I’ll have two beautiful girls (and my beautiful husband) to celebrate the holidays with, pick pumpkins out of our garden, make pies and goodies, decorate the Christmas tree…..

It will be amazing.  🙂