Basal Rate Fun

The last couple mornings have been really bad.

Waking up with blood sugars between 138-150. Then it takes 2-3 hours to bring that number down to an acceptable level so I can eat breakfast. The first morning I thought maybe it was a site issue, so I switched everything out. But it all happened again the next morning. Ugggg.

I’m hesitant to really amp up my overnight basal because I’ve had episodes where my daughter or husband will wake me up in the AM, I feel totally normal, but then check my sugar and its in the low 40’s. SCARY. Usually I feel the lows, or I have dreams that I’m chowing down on sweets, which then wakes me up and alerts me I’m low. I haven’t been getting that lately, and I’ve been so knock-down-drag-out tired that I sleep really heavily when I do sleep, so I’m just nervous about getting a low and not waking up. :-/

So I’ve slowly been adjusting it, slowly increasing it. At this point my overnight basal is DOUBLE what it was pre-pregnancy. No other basal has done that (yet). So it’s a little strange. So of course this morning I wake up at 52. And I didn’t feel it. Fantastic.

It’s a hard balance between keeping my sugars “in control” for the baby, and keeping them a little higher so I feel more comfortable falling asleep. I have a lot of fear about my blood sugars, whether I’m awake or asleep. It’s not worth the risk of having a severe hypo, so I will bring down my basal again to see what happens and go from there.