The Dye Ah Bee Tiss

I was thinking today, as I do at times, about fear in the medical community. I was remembering back before I had my first babe. Back before I even got married. Remembering all the things I’d read and heard about…

Feeling like a room without a roof

I *think* the first trimester slump is coming to a close. Praise Jesus! The last few mornings I get up without feeling like I wanna die, I smile at my husband and even make him breakfast. This may not sound like…

Burnin down the house

So I’m totally sick of beast mode. Beast mode can suck it. I’m tired of writing my stupid numbers down, tired of counting carbs, tired of checking my sugar so often, tired of not sleeping through the night. I’m just…

Get Yourself Together

There are days when I really hate diabetes. I mean really HATE diabetes. And really, nobody gets it, unless you’re a diabetic yourself. I’m sorry, just because your cousin or your grandma has diabetes, it doesn’t make you an expert….

Stuck in the Middle with My Big Fat Belly

Are some people really that intuitive or are most people just full of crap? It’s so funny how people react when they learn you are pregnant. So many say “oh my gosh I totally knew it!!” And proceed to give you…


Any diabetic who’s thought about getting pregnant has that fear, “what if I can’t control my sugars? What if the thought/fear of complications isn’t enough to make me get hardcore about my blood sugar?” I know I had those thoughts….

The Results Are In….

So for the past week I’ve been getting these cramps. Smack dab in the middle of the night, cramps that wake you up, wring out your insides, twist you up and then disappear as suddenly as they came. Takes a…

Happy Anniversary

This February marks my 19th year of being diagnosed with type 1. I’ve lived more of my life with diabetes than without. It comes with mixed emotions. I’m not a fan of this condition. It’s not fun. It’s constant work….

In and Out

Sooooo, seventeen months after popping out my lovely daughter, I think it’s time to buckle down and make another. Not an easy decision on my part. The oak tree has been ready for some time. I, on the other hand,…

Preggo Rant

I’ve decided there is a whole separate culture of American’s, or maybe just humans in general, that have made it completely acceptable to bash and complain about their spouse and moan and groan about their kids to anyone and everyone….