Appt #10 – Endo

Off to see my favorite endo again today. Nothing spectacular to report, he was pleased with my numbers. Made some small changes to my basal rates and essentially gave me a pat on the back. I got my blood drawn and am anxiously awaiting my A1c result. Most things you’ll read about pregnancy and diabetes state that insulin needs increase as pregnancy progresses. So far I haven’t seen much of an increase. Here are my basal rates at start of preggo and then at 20 weeks:

4 week preggo

midnight – 6am : 0.45u

6am – 12noon : 1u

12noon – 7pm : 1.25u

7pm – 10pm : 1.35u

10pm – midnight : 0.9u


20 weeks

midnight – 6am : 0.575u

6am – 12 noon : 0.9u

12noon – 7pm : 1.25u

7pm – 10pm : 1.35u

10pm – midnight : 0.95u


Biggest change is in the overnight basal. Mostly because the OBs look at the fasting AM sugars over any other number. Before pregnancy I was fine waking up in the 110-130 range. But pregnancy they want AM fastings under 90 if at all possible.  So that’s where I had to make the biggest change. So far so good though.