Runnin’ Out of Real Estate

Soooo, my belly has popped WAY faster this time around. I have no belly button, it just doesn’t exist, no even as an “outie.” So I’ve had to move my pump site to my sides much quicker than I thought I would. There’s only so much space there. I’d use my lower back but I can’t twist at all so getting it in is very tricky. I called Medtronic and they sent me a couple samples of the Mio. An all-in-one infusion set (minus the syringe), and an easy-peasy inserter.


I popped it in for the first time a couple days ago. What normally takes me about 3 minutes to do with my Silhouette set, took me about 15 minutes with the Mio. SO many steps! But the more I do it, the faster I will get. The 90 degree angle kinda weirded me out, but at only 9mm, I can’t complain.  There weren’t any “plugs” that came with the all-in-one set and my Silhouette plugs don’t fit. So when I wanted to shower or swim, I had nothing to plug up the site with. Also, the needle is attached to the plastic casing, which is a bulky bubble and won’t fit in my sharps container. I haven’t researched it all enough to know if there are easy solutions to my criticisms. Overall I like the set, I like that I can easily place it on my back or arms without much trouble, thanks to the easy to use inserter. Medtronic won’t send me a full order of the Mio without an order from my endo but I think I’m gonna make the switch!