Appt #31 – “See You In September” ???

It’s Monday.

That means another non stress test (NST), fluid level check (AFI) and visit with OB Dr B.

I had a feeling going into the visit that my fluid level would be higher. This past week I’ve felt extra full. When I roll from one side to the other when sleeping, I literally have to hold my belly in place and gently roll it over, it feels like one giant water balloon. Standing is not fun either, the extra weight of my belly pulls on my sides and my back. It’s good times.

Sure enough my AFI went from 22 last week to a whopping 32 this week! A significant jump.

Baby looked great, did well on the NST but of course also showed some contractions as well. I’m still on the nifedipine to help slow the contractions. I’ve been concerned that I’m still having them despite being on medication. Dr B said as long as I’m having fewer than before and they are less intense, it’s ok. But he also feels since I’m having so many AND my fluid continues to build that I won’t make it to October (baby is due October 18). He thinks once I’m off the medicine, baby could arrive within days!  AHHHH!!!!

Scary on one hand, but a huge relief on the other. I’ve been so uncomfortable, I’m just ready to have my body back again.

Having done my research weeks before on polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid), I knew that the fluid increase could be caused by multiple things. I started to worry maybe there was something wrong with baby. Dr assured me that any congenital anomalies would’ve shown themselves in one of my many in-depth ultrasounds with the high risk doctor. He said 40% of polyhydramnios cases literally have no cause. Another 30% are due to the mother having diabetes. We spoke again about the risks of having so much fluid. He’s confident I will make it through okay and as a precaution will place me on pitocin, cytotec and methergine as soon as baby arrives to prevent excess bleeding after birth. (Since my uterus is so stretched out, it will have a harder time contracting down after the baby is born, which places me at risk for too much bleeding.)  We agreed to continue with nifedipine until I hit 37 weeks and then just see what my body does.

That’s September 26th!

Less than two weeks away. Feels like forever at this point, but at the same time it still isn’t real that I’m having another baby. Her room isn’t completed, I haven’t packed for the hospital or cleaned the car seat, I haven’t sanitized any bottles or washed any of her clothes. I don’t even have any diapers yet.

But that’s ok. Those things will come.  For now I just need to focus on taking it easy, focus on keeping her inside, baking away. Focus on my blood sugars (which continue to be great), focus on eating right and staying hydrated, focus on labor and birth and how my body was made to do this, trust God to get us all through it.