Got a call about my labs. Current A1c: 6.7% I’m mixed about it. Happy of course, but know I should be lower. At this point in my last pregnancy my A1c was 5.8%. Yikes. At the start of this pregnancy…

Appt #6 – Endo

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this or not, but I love my endo. He’s not allowed to retire, ever. He’s probably mid-60’s, short, average build, glasses, has hair like George Costanza and a slight New York accent. He kinda…

Get Yourself Together

There are days when I really hate diabetes. I mean really HATE diabetes. And really, nobody gets it, unless you’re a diabetic yourself. I’m sorry, just because your cousin or your grandma has diabetes, it doesn’t make you an expert….

Happy Anniversary

This February marks my 19th year of being diagnosed with type 1. I’ve lived more of my life with diabetes than without. It comes with mixed emotions. I’m not a fan of this condition. It’s not fun. It’s constant work….



Bedtime blood sugar: 129. No bolus insulin active. Hadn’t eaten anything x2 hours. Wake up blood sugar: 284 This is not cool.

Pass me the Suga

Ok so maybe this is mean, but I’m gonna say it anyway. Came across this “article” about Kristin Cavallari yesterday and laughed out loud. If being tired, wearing leggings all the time, feeling gross and unsexy is a “struggle,” then…