Get Yourself Together

There are days when I really hate diabetes. I mean really HATE diabetes. And really, nobody gets it, unless you’re a diabetic yourself. I’m sorry, just because your cousin or your grandma has diabetes, it doesn’t make you an expert. Live in my shoes for a while. The majority of diabetics you will meet¬†have type 2 diabetes. I have type 1. It’s different, it isn’t controlled with just diet and exercise. I need insulin to live. Some days I get tired of the ignorance, I get tired of people’s comments. I don’t need to hear the stories of how your grandpa had diabetes, lost his legs, eyes, nerves and kidneys and died tragically at a young age. That in no way benefits me. So much has changed since your grandpa’s days. We no longer have to smell urine’s sweetness to judge if someone has high blood sugar. We no longer have to boil syringes to give ourselves the 1 kind of insulin available. We have more education, more resources, support groups. I am not your grandpa. People don’t get it. I feel like so many people hear “diabetes” and they just assume you can’t eat sugar, you don’t take care of yourself and you’re best friends with Wilford Brimley.

Please just read this article, it says all the things I wish I could say as effectively.

Diabetes Wreaks Havoc