Stuck in the Middle with My Big Fat Belly

Are some people really that intuitive or are most people just full of crap?

It’s so funny how people react when they learn you are pregnant. So many say “oh my gosh I totally knew it!!” And proceed to give you a lovely reason how they knew. Here are a few of the ones I’ve heard so far:

  • “I wondered if you were because you were wearing workout pants at the Super Bowl party. You never wear workout pants.”  This one totally made me laugh out loud. Apparently workout pants, and no other signs = you’re totally pregnant. Even more funny, *I* didn’t even know I was pregnant at this point, I was probably only 2-3 weeks.
  • My brother in law said I looked like I had gained weight and maybe had a “small belly.” (again, about 2-3 weeks pregnant, before I even knew. and go figure, I had actually LOST weight, HA!)
  • “When you walked in I thought ‘I bet she’s pregnant.’ You have the glow!”
  • “Wow are you pregnant? Second child always makes you pop out sooner….unless you’re carrying twins, haha!” Two minutes later: “I’m sorry, you’re actually tiny, I’m sure you aren’t having twins.”
  • “Yeah I knew it. You’ve looked so tired lately.”
  • “I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I could see it on your face!”
  • “I wondered and almost asked you because when I saw you last week you had a poochy tummy.”
  • “Oh so you aren’t just chubby?” I laughed hard thinking she was kidding. She didn’t laugh, “No for the last few weeks you always look like you ate a large meal.”

I just have to laugh. This time is so awkward. I’m not big enough for it to be obvious but I’m so bloated and full all the time that I always look like I’ve swallowed a throw pillow. Doesn’t help that I’m roaming around in my maternity pants already. Ah well!