Appt #7 – Midwife, oh just kidding, new Dr!

(17 weeks)

Was SOOO not wanting to go to this appointment. I love my OB, but last visit he picked over my sugars more than my endo does and questioned me about several things. It was obnoxious. But I understand his position. I got a call saying he was in surgery and would I mind seeing a midwife. Heck yes, hook me up! Midwives are great, and I knew she wouldn’t nit-pick my sugars at all. So I arrive, excited for my appt and then am told NOPE you have to see another Dr today. ARG!

I knew this day was coming. My OB is leaving at the end of the month to start a new practice on the opposite end of town, so he was going to transfer my care to another doc within the practice. Which just happened to be the Dr I ended up seeing today.

I check in and start the wait. In walks Doc G. I had heard about him from my sister who sees him almost weekly for her pregnancy. I was ready, armed with my wishes and concerns, ready to debate if needed. If you don’t already know, its common practice in the OB world to induce diabetics at 39 weeks to avoid any complications that *may* arise. Some docs are also very fond of placing laboring diabetics on IV insulin, instead of allowing us type 1’s to manage it ourselves with our pumps. I don’t want to be induced (unless absolutely medically necessary) and I will refuse an insulin IV.

Anyway, so Doc G….he’s average height, very much on the thin side, very dark hair (its straight but long like Hugh Grant in Notting Hill), tan skin and a kinda higher-pitched-nasal-like voice.  Not a bad looking guy, young, kind of awkward in his gestures and expressions. But not the awkward that makes you uncomfortable, its somewhat endearing and makes me feel at ease in a way. I tell him who I am and he instantly realizes I’m my sister’s sister. We sing her praises for a bit and he tells me they’ve had “quite a few talks about managing diabetes and pregnancy.” He was initially anti-pump, stating as a Dr he’s “old fashioned”, and was taught that type 1’s use lantus and regular or NPH (really?!?! does anyone use that anymore?). He’s not comfortable with pumps but is learning to realize type 1’s are very controlling of their condition and to take their tools away is not so beneficial. He’s willing to write an order stating I can keep my pump (WIN #1!!).

Then he discusses how diabetics are “typically induced at 39 weeks to avoid any complications” but he knew I had gone past 39 weeks with baby #1 and went all natural and all was fine.  And then he said something that really surprised me. He said, “we will try to avoid induction because if you’re looking at an induction we might as well say you’re looking at a C-section.”   !!!!! An actual OB admitting that induction can lead to some serious issues. I told him the story of my back (I have 2 metal rods in my back and the majority of my spine is fused), which makes me an unlikely candidate for an epidural. All the more reason to avoid induction AND C-section as then I’d have to be knocked out completely. (WIN #2!!)

He looked over my sugars, was actually pleased but of course would like my fasting sugars a little lower (they are currently between 90-100). He said he’d love it if I lived in the 70’s and 80’s but then retracted and asked, “well, do you feel good when its 70-80? What are you comfortable with?” Another shocking question.  He said its not common to see diabetics who are so good about their sugars. He says he has seen pregnant diabetics with frequent fastings of 280-300!  So he feels good about me. He wants to see me every 2 weeks. Wowsa. But whatever, it will help keep me accountable.

Overall I was impressed with him. He seemed easy going and willing to discuss and listen. But I’m always a bit of a skeptic. I know he doesn’t have a lot of experience with type 1’s. I know he’s relying on my sis and I to kind of direct him and educate him in a way. I’ve had this before with an OB. He seemed nice enough, willing to give me what I wanted as long as baby and I were safe. Then at 36 weeks decided to tell me he would induce me at 39 weeks and wasn’t going to compromise. Which is what lead me to my current OB practice. I’m just hoping and praying Doc G is a man of his word and isn’t afraid to let the diabetic have the natural birth she desires and is perfectly capable of having.