feeling fruity

I know I've officially conquered the first trimester yucks because I'm so super craving all good-for-you foods! Salads, fresh veggies and fruits and juices. Today I juiced for the first time in a while, made my favorite which consists of the following:

6-7 carrots (peeled and quartered)

2 apples  (don't peel them, just cut into chunks big enough to fit in juicer)

1 pear  (same as apples)

1/4 lemon (rind and all!)

1/2 inch of fresh ginger root (cut the skin off)

Yields about 16oz of pure, refreshing bevy! Surprisingly, this mixture never really affects my sugar much, which is double awesome. And its all good while pregnant. (**I was concerned at first because I know its not good to have too much vitamin A at start of pregnancy. This is the "preformed" kind of vitamin A. Carrots contain beta-carotene which the body converts to vitamin A only if it is needed.*) Happy juicing!