Sometimes there just aren’t enough rocks

We went up north for the weekend, up to the lovely pines, highs in the 70’s. It was gorgeous.

Once we arrived, I noticed it was a little harder to breathe. No surprise though, given the altitude and my preggo status. But this was different. Felt more severe. I was getting lightheaded pretty easy and had to catch my breath in between sentences. Then the tightness set in.

Dang asthma. Thankfully I had brought my xopenex inhaler and albuterol SVN just in case.

Saturday AM I woke up and kinda panicked at how short of breath I was. I had used my inhaler throughout the night so I could breathe comfortably enough to sleep, but it wasn’t working well enough. I layed down, tried to catch my breath and called the OB on call to make sure I can use the albuterol. He says absolutely!

I did a treatment and felt so much better. Jittery as all get out….but I could breathe much easier!

The problem was how it affected my blood sugars. I had to take almost double the insulin for meals, had to correct after every meal and became more strict on my diet that weekend. I had zero lows and nothing real high but stayed consitently between 130-180 the whole weekend, even with all the corrections. I knew it wasn’t my site because I had changed it before we left and sugars were perfection. They didn’t climb til after the breathing treatments. Oh well, I can deal with some higher numbers. Breathing is a little more important 🙂