I’m having one of those days.  I had been cruising pretty good, focusing on beast mode, not getting too many lows and even fewer highs. Monday had other plans for me.

I went to bed Sunday night with BS 108. Some protein in my tummy, no bolus insulin, just my usual basal.

Woke up Monday AM with BS 198.  For reals? Argggg! So I take the recommeded dose, it barely comes down. I change my site out, and sure enough the cannula is kinked pretty hardcore at the tip. Sweet, problem solved!


Due to lack of the proper basal insulin from the kink, my sugars then climb over the next few hours: 196, 216, 230, then 178, 151 and then a lovely 47. Yes, fourty-seven. YUCK. And I did not stack my insulin doses, mind you. I feel like I’m going in slow motion, I can’t think but I’m trying to think and getting frustrated, I’m sweating, shaking, I’m nauseous. YUCK. I correct with 30 grams carbs and 30 mins later I’m only 67 and still feeling terrible. So I eat a legit meal, take a tiny, minscule fraction of the recommended bolus and one hour later I’m back down to 48.

I keep eating, drinking juice, get some protein and 1 hour later I’m 53. Holy smokes. I finally get it up to 104 and before bed I’m at 178. Again I take maybe a fourth of the recommended “correction bolus” and even lowered my basal temporarily and at 3am I wake up at 48. Now I’m freaking out. So I chow down, don’t take any insulin and of course wake up at 263.

All in all that day I checked my sugar 18 times. And felt useless most of the time. The next day my sugars stabled out, I lowered my basals overall and haven’t been taking the bolus suggested. I’m leary. I hate going low, I hate that feeling. And I have anxiety about passing out or not being able to get it back up, running out of glucose, harming the baby, etc.

Just have to take it one sugar, one meal at a time!