Appt #8 -The Alien and The Baby

Today was the day for our “fetal survey.” Which basically means an ultrasound that looks at every possible part of baby, to make sure everything is looking good. They look for certain “markers” or red flags that may indicate certain abnormalities, etc. I had it done at a high risk joint, the whole thing took just over an hour. Its amazing all the things they can see. The chambers and valves of the heart, the itty bitty kidneys and bladder, the vessels of the cord, they count fingers and toes, and measure the femur, abdomen, ventricles of the brain, circumference of the head, among other things and make sure there are no gaps in the spine. Its very extensive! And so far so good! Our little bean is approximately 10 oz! Being a diabetic, this ultrasound definitely brings a sigh of relief, its confirmation that I’m doing ok and its encouragement to keep going and stay the course. This little bundle is relying on me to keep my sugars in good control and create the best environment possible for growth. We got a slew of images, only one in 3D. Little bundle was moving too much and kept smushing up against the placenta. Here’s the sweet little one and the alien life form keeping company!