If you haven’t seen this story already, I encourage you to read it:

Hey, Miss Idaho…

Anytime someone can bring type 1 diabetes into the limelight in a positive manner, I’m all for it. Like Miss Idaho, I started with injections. I did that for about 8 years, taking 6-8 shots a day just to keep my sugars managed. It was a pain, literally. My mom had mentioned “the pump” to me and I thought it was kinda weird. Who wants to be attached to something all the time? What if it malfunctions? It was a little overwhelming and scary.

Then my sis and I went to a diabetes expo in 2000 I believe. And one of the guest speakers was Miss America 1999 Nicole Johnson. She spoke about her personal fears about getting a pump and then how it totally changed her life. It was exactly what I needed to hear. It gave me the motivation to do some research and ask my Dr about this pump thing. Shortly thereafter I had my own pump. And it completely revolutionized my diabetes life. I had so much more freedom, better numbers, more confidence about my diabetes. Sure I have days where I wish I wasn’t attached to it. I’ve had a day or 2 here and there where I go back to injections just to get a break from the pump. But I never get the same results, and I’m so used to the pump now, injections seem inconvenient. If you’re eligible for a pump and haven’t crossed that bridge to pump life, I encourage you to do some reading, talk to your Dr and diabetes educator. Look at different pump companies. Most insurance companies will now cover most, if not all of the expense of getting a pump. Doesn’t hurt to try it out, it may change your life 🙂  Here are some pump companies to check out:

Medtronic Diabetes