Appt #23 + 24 — OB and growth ultrasound

I had such a wonderful weekend, such peace knowing I had made the right decision in switching OBs. Today was my first official visit with him. We went over my ideal birth again, he looked over my blood sugar logs and I had an NST. All is well.

The next day was my growth ultrasound. The last one didn’t go so well, so I was hoping I would handle this one much better.  Thankfully I had a different tech, one who didn’t question how good my sugars have been or make reference to baby being big due to diabetes. Sure enough, our not-so-little lady is measuring overall in the 92nd percentile. It’s all in her belly. Her abdomen is measuring >99%. Head and femur are measuring average. So they guesstimate her weight at 6lbs 4oz.


I want to believe its wrong. That would mean she gained over 3 lbs in 5 weeks. I haven’t even gained that much weight. On top of that though, my fluid levels are measuring at the highest point of the normal range. Range is 5-25 and I was at 25.2. No wonder I feel so massive. My stomach is so tight and stretched, some of my skin is even numb. Some days I really don’t know how baby is going to get any bigger. I feel like my belly button is going to blow out!

So of course I turn to google. Excess amniotic fluid is known as polyhydramnios and it comes with it’s own set of risks. None of them pleasant. I’m just barely over the range, so if anything, I would have a very mild case of polyhydramnios. Trying not to stress about it but its hard not to. So many unknowns, so many questions. And only so much I can control.  Carry on! Carry on!