Appt #28 – OB visit (basal rates, low sugar, preterm labor, cervix check)

(33 + 5 weeks)

I know its only been two weeks since I switched but I really, really love this new OB. He’s very warm, friendly, personable, funny. And you can tell he really enjoys his job. I get the feeling he doesn’t treat it as a “job” but as a calling and a passion.

It’s so nice to see a doctor who’s first question isn’t “how are your sugars?” He doesn’t even ask to see my sugar logs, but I show him anyway. For some reason I feel like he can’t just take my word for it, he needs to SEE what they are and how often I check, etc. I’m one of those rule following diabetics (most of the time).

I had been curious for the past week if doc was concerned about baby’s latest growth ultrasound results. He said her size really isn’t concerning, but it is “impressive.” Then we chat about the fluid levels. The last ultrasound showed I’m at the max for what is considered normal. I tell him my concerns (preterm labor, cord prolapse, placental abruption, death, etc). He said there is less than half a percent chance of any of those happening EXCEPT preterm labor. He said it’s possible that baby’s size and fluid could increase so much that my uterus can’t handle it and/or my water breaks. He said if I start labor before 37 weeks, he will attempt to stop it. If she starts to come after 37 weeks, he won’t stop it BUT it may mean that I need “help” in labor (pitocin, etc) and there is a chance that baby’s lungs won’t be fully developed. He said babies of diabetic mamas have a delay in lung maturity. So ideally she would be born AFTER 39 weeks. But then of course she could be so massive by then, according to the growth ultrasounds. So either way, it doesn’t sound super pleasant. But he remained very positive and encouraging and we talked at length about my wishes in labor and what all the different scenarios could bring about.  He said he thinks I’m doing a good job on my sugars but if there’s anything I can cut out or tweak to stay as strict as possible over the next month, I need to start doing it. He actually said if I could cut out anything like “cakes, ice cream or pasta” that I should do it. I laughed and said I don’t eat any of that now! So this will be a definite challenge as I’ve been hitting more and more insulin resistance over the last couple weeks.

I’ve been having a lot more braxton hicks lately so we agreed it would be best to check my cervix now to get a baseline, since I may have a higher chance of going into preterm labor. He said I was about half a centimeter, which is normal for a 2nd time mom. You don’t fully close back up after having a baby. And said I’m about 50% effaced, which he said is not concerning either. He went ahead and checked for GBS as well so we are ahead of the game.

As much as I want an all natural, non-medicated birth, I know things happen, I know I’m “high risk” so certain considerations need to be made. And I’m learning to be ok with that. It helps that I really do trust this OB. He’s all for me getting what I want, and I know he will try his best to make that happen and won’t just jump straight to induction or c section. And that’s huge. He gets it. Overall I think I’m worrying less (for now). I’m thinking less of the worst case scenario (for now) and thinking more about baby’s little fingers and toes and wondering what she will look like.  How she and her sister will eventually play together and become buddies, we can bake things and of course take trips to Disneyland. My sweet little ladies!

I put a lot of emphasis on the doctor and how I trust him, etc. But I know I’m meant to be where I am, I know God has me here for a reason. No matter what happens, I know God has a plan for both me and baby. 🙂